Tournament Rules

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Sparring rings vary based on contestants' age and belt rank level: 16 Feet; 18 Feet ; 20 Feet; For finals: use of entire stage or platform  Grand championship finals sparring. Normally - one center judge and four corner judges.

Master Bill Cho's Tae Kwon Do Tournament; Elgin, IL. Kids forms competition - four competitors simultaneously.  Sparring: at minimum, center judge and two corner judges.

  • Judges - "Call what you see, not what you think you see." - AB

  • When sparring it is in your best interest to have your instructor in your corner or have someone else in your corner to verify the rules and call your timeout if applicable.

  • Were the sparring rules spelled out at black belt meeting?

  • Make sure rules given for continuous sparring are explicit.

Because tournament sparring rules vary from tournament to tournament it is important to determine what specific rules are being allowed for each tournament. This sheet should be used as a reminder to ask for the rules being allowed.

* print this page out and take it to tournaments with you to check the rules *

Face strikes allowed full/light/4-inch
Groin kicks allowed yes/no
Ground fighting allowed yes/no
All kicks above waist yes/no
Sweeps allowed yes/no
3-Point techniques allowed yes/no
Grappling allowed yes/no
Takedowns yes/no
Grabbing Gi or person yes/no
Chest protectors yes/no
Time outs allowed yes/no
Kicks with hands touching ground yes/no
Warnings allowed None / 1 / 2 / 3


Words of Wisdom

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