Tournament Tips


  • Who's rules are being used today?  NASKA, NBL, AKA, SKIL, MAKA, PKC, etc..  The World Sport Karate Federation is the latest point tournament association entering sport karate.  Make sure you check the WSKF rules before competing.

  • "Because of the way the direction of the sport is moving, it is moving more towards show as opposed to just martial arts - that is why it is sport.  It is not just doing good solid martial arts form anymore and when you are competing at the national level, you have to take into consideration the performance and that carries a lot of weight when it comes to scoring.  In that aspect, its not just form.  Its a combination of good solid martial arts but then entertainment, charisma, showmanship and choreography all in one." - XMA - Mike Chat

  • Same-Same Rule
    Neither a center judge or corner referee should be allowed to judge a match while his/her student is competing.  Have your instructor or corner person ask the center judge and corner judges if they are "with" your opponent.  Ask them directly; is that your student?  If so, it is your option to continue or request a new judge.

  • No judges or referees should be "switched" during an individual match.

  • Check to see if your division is being held in more than one ring.  Most often, specific divisions are limited to one ring in order to grade the competitors consistently.


Always Check To Avoid Disappointment!

  • Are all trophies, medals, certificates, or plaques on display in the tournament's main room?
  • Will all trophies, medals, certificates, or plaques be awarded before the end of the tournament?
  • Certain divisions do not always give awards:
     - Musical forms
     - Association divisions
     - Self-defense divisions
     - Weapons divisions
  • If all awards are not on display:
     - You are paying the competition fee but may not get your award


Words of Wisdom

"When I am judging for form competition I always look for the fight in the competitors performance." - Sensei Jimmy White


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